Floyd Mac Donald


How can we build integrated knowledge and connections to step beyond the edge of what we know? How to listen to our passions, and stay on the course as a company or business through the many hurdles we will surely find along the way? Is it possible to build mastery in passionately leading and managing, mastery in innovative and creative thinking, and mastery in moving your company, business or organization forward to improve your bottom line?

YES is the answer. Of course, we will make mistakes. However, our efforts are never failure when we legitimately grow and learn from our mistakes. By putting ourselves out in the open, we gain understanding of what works and what doesn't, only creating more opportunities to learn and to innovate passionately. 

Helping companies, businesses, organizations, leaders, managers and teams with a fully accountable integrated approach of service offering is my passion. In addition, knowing how to listen to clients', apprehending their traditions, anticipating their needs, reinventing the way they see, and assist them to execute their strategy and implementation processes to generate sustainable growth and improvement of their bottom line. After all, the success of any company, business or organization is a direct reflection of the success of its people.

Floyd was an undergraduate at the University of Applied Sciences, Physical Education in Amsterdam, did his master of science education at the University of Amsterdam and his master of business administration at the Ashridge Business School/Hult International Business School (United Kingdom).



Inspire leaders and staff to achieve excellent business performance with passion

Mac Donald Consultancy has operated as a boutique business & educational consulting company since 1995. We have successfully helped small and medium-sized businesses, as well as local governments departments, educational and non-profit organizations.

Mac Donald Consultancy specialises in developing integrated leadership and management, leadership and executive coaching, enhancing business strategy, improving operational effectiveness and influencing organizational culture to improve your bottom line.

We offer an integrated and multi-perspective approach, results-based and tailored solutions to clients' challenges in real time 'on the job'.