"After accepting a new position as a director I had many questions such as how do I maintain an overview of all activities and how to avoid getting lost in too much detail? Which tasks have priority and which do not? What strategies are the best in certain situations? In the end, you continuously have to make choices and decisions, also in regards to your communication with your staff, stakeholders and governing board.

Floyd Mac Donald provided me as an executive coach with outstanding support. In our meetings we discussed my pain points and operational constraints among other things. I was able to put it all into perspective because he placed my topics and problems into a larger context. In addition, he was extremely attentive and by questioning me with critical remarks and sometimes very critical questions so that my "problems" become more clearly. In doing so, I was able to resolve these matters on my own.

Our meetings and conversations were sometimes confrontational and thereby not always easy, but Floyd has helped me to understand myself better, which in turn helped me to fulfil my duties as a director. Our meetings were confidential and respectful, which made me feel very comfortable and to step in my own power. I had no hesitation to share my fears and insecurities with Floyd. The effectiveness and power of Floyd’s executive coaching lies in enabling and empowerment. Which caused me to come face- to- face with my strengths and weaknesses which in turn helped me to solve problems, pain points and difficult challenges.

Floyd has given me confidence that I can fulfil my position as a director and he has given me a lot of insight into myself which has allowed me to enjoy carrying out my role and responsibilities as a director for 15 years”. Loenie Ploemen, Director  

'Force of Field'

“In the past few years I required Floyd Mac Donald’s executive coaching expertise. Before I made use of Floyd his exemplary skills I worked as a director and interim manager. I had two post-secondary degrees in the field of management and gained a lot of theoretical insights but lacked practical experience in managing a large organization and staff. After accepting the position as a director of a large organization I scheduled multiple sessions with Floyd.

During these extensive sessions Floyd managed to teach me how to successfully combine my theoretical insights with my practical experiences. Most importantly, Floyd exercised a multi-perspective approach because my responsibilities were to cope with a complex ‘force field’ of political, governing board, customers, staff and organizational conflicting viewpoints and interest at different levels.

Thanks to these sessions and conversations Floyd has taught me how to manage those different viewpoints and interests, managing my director position in the mentioned ‘force of field’, and being able to keep up with difficult circumstances as they arose.

With a lot of patience and perseverance Floyd managed to break through entrenched patterns, behaviours, attitudes and mind-set. Our sessions and conversations were intense but Floyd always managed to present it in a deferential and humorous manner. Even though, the responsibilities of my job were stressful and difficult and even had days full of irritation and misunderstandings. It was always a pleasure discussing my predicaments and pain points during our sessions, since Floyd was able to offer me new insights which lead to different perspectives and solutions. 

I am very grateful for Floyd’s executive coaching. He utilized my recently gained knowledge and experience through my master’s study. He provided me with new insights, concepts, different leadership and management styles, and enabled me to utilize the competencies and talents of my staff. Floyd assisted me to develop my own unique leadership characteristics and management style. In addition, to combine my gained theoretical insights, practical experiences, competencies and talents in a more strategic, smart and pleasant way”.
Gerrit Zijlstra, Director Quality & Innovation

Four in a row

“'Four in a row' is a popular game in the Netherlands. By tactically placing discs, two players first try to get four disks in a row. It's a strategy game consisting out of forward thinking, critical reflection, preventing, attacking, and defending. It is primarily aimed at four in a row. In my career as director I have been coached four times by Floyd Mac Donald.

I have met Floyd when I was just appointed as a director. My last coaching meetings with Floyd were to find a new job outside my comfort zone. Floyd's coaching is an authentic experience. There is only one goal and that's powerful leadership that matches my talents and competencies. He does this by questioning your choices and decisions in his calm way of asking questions, given new insights, guidance, analyzing and letting you discover new paths and/or ways of thinking.

It were always pleasant conversations during our meetings. They gave me insights and confidence so that I could go further. The simplicity and efficiency of our meetings has always touched me. All elements of 'Four in a row' were discussed, but always with fun added while doing your job; his soundbite is “have fun and enjoy your job”.

Floyd did not need much; only coffee with plenty of sugar, water and occasionally a snack. Partly because of his contribution, I have accepted a beautiful new position in Amsterdam(The Netherlands) as a director”. Arie Wim Kars, Director