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Thanks to an integrated and multi-perspective approach we are able to align our business leadership, management, core competencies and operations. 


"Every step makes a footprint".

Leonie Ploemen Director

'Empowerment' "After accepting a new position as a director I had many questions. Which tasks have a higher priority and which do not? What strategies are the best in certain situations? In the end, in my position you make continuously choices and take decisions. Likewise, in regards to communication with my staff, stakeholders and governing board. Floyd provided me as an executive coach and consultant with outstanding support. In our meetings we discuss my pain points and operational constraints among other things. Now, I am able to put it all into perspective because he placed my dilemmas and pain points into a broader context. In addition, he was extremely respectful by questioning me with critical remarks, so that my problems and leadership 'blind spots' became more clearly.  The effectiveness and power of Floyd’s executive coaching and consulting lies in enabling and empowerment of yourself and your team. In effect, to come face-to-face with your strengths and weaknesses. As a result, Floyd help me to gain insight into myself which allow me to enjoy carrying out my role and responsibilities as a director".

Arie Wim Kars Director

'Four in a row' "Four in a row" is a popular game in the Netherlands. It's a strategy game consist out of forward and critical thinking, critical reflection, attacking and defending.  In my career as director I have been coached four times by Floyd Mac Donald. Floyd's coaching is an authentic experience. There is only one goal and that's powerful and authentic leadership that match your talents and competencies. In these sessions, you are questioning your own choices and decisions, and get additional insights and practical solutions.  In the end, you analyse and discover other paths, perspectives and innovative ways of thinking. The meetings were always pleasant conversations. The sessions provided me insights and confidence so that I improved myself.  The simplicity and efficiency of our meetings were always with joy while performing my job. Floyd's sound bite is “have fun and enjoy your job”. Partially, because of his contribution I accepted a beautiful new position as a director”. 

Gerrit Zijlstra Director Quality & Innovation

'Force field' "In the past, I used Mac Donald Consultancy's executive coaching and consulting expertise.   After accepting a new position as a director of a large organization I arranged multiple sessions with Floyd. During these extensive session Floyd managed to show me how successful to cope and apply an integrated and multi-perspective approach in a complex force field, amidst organizational conflicting viewpoint and interest of stakeholders at different level.  Using a lot of patience and perseverance Floyd manage to break trough certain entranced patterns, behaviours and attitudes. Our sessions and conversations were intense but he always managed to present them in a respectful and humorous manner.  Likewise, I am very grateful for Floyd's insights and experience while completing my masters. He provided me with additional insights, concepts, leadership & management styles.  In the end, Floyd helped me to develop my own leadership characteristics and management style". 

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