About Us

About Us


Mac Donald Consultancy operates as a boutique business & educational consulting company since 1995. We help small and medium-sized businesses. Also, assist local governments departments, educational organizations, housing & restoration companies, health-care & non-profit organizations.

Frequently asked question is: How can we build integrated knowledge and connections in our organization to overcome our pain points? As you can imagine, on clients long quest mistakes are made. However, clients efforts are never failure when they legitimately grow and learn from their mistakes. In the end, by putting themselves out in the open, clients gain understanding of what works and what doesn’t, only creating more opportunities to learn and to innovate passionately.

Consulting businesses, organizations, leaders, managers and teams with a fully accountable integrated and multi-perspective approach is our passion.


Floyd Mac Donald graduated at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam with his Bachelor of Physical Education. Furthermore, he graduated at the University of Amsterdam with his Master of Science in Education, and graduated with his Master of Business Administration at the Hult Ashridge International Business School in the United Kingdom.

Floyd has personally handled quite a few high-profile projects. In a lot of them as an executive coach or both as project manager and as a change management consultant. We assisted over 100 clients in various  assignments or positions.

"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore"

Floyd Mac Donald, Founder & Principal

Mac Donald Consultancy

Discover the world of business enhancement

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire leaders to achieve excellent business performance with passion.

Mac Donald Consultancy is specialized in managing change projects, improving operational effectiveness, refining team work and team building, and developing integrated leadership and management. Also, in performing executive coaching, enhancing business strategy and improving organizational culture goals in organizations. All things considered, the success of any company, business and organization is a direct reflection of the success of its people. 

We offer our clients an integrated and multi-perspective approach consequently support by results-driven, cost-effective and tailored solutions in real time.  

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